Alexander Chiang


Here are various projects I have worked on.
More projects can be found on my Github and Devpost.

Bitcamp 2019

Bitcamp is a 36 hour hackathon hosted at the University of Maryland, College Park. As a member of the design team, I mainly focused on drawing pixel art for promotional media, featured on the main webpage, stickers, mural, and marketing videos. Additionally, I developed a live-updating schedule displayed on the projector screen; participants would be able to see current events and announcements, and, by clicking on the fire, would be able to make it grow larger. My animations were created with pure HTML/CSS. The schedule was made with a Node.js socket server hosted on Heroku.

My CSS animations can also be found here: Sky, Lake, Tree Fort
Github: css-animations

The live schedule can be found here.
Github: bonfire

Is the Ice Cream Machine Working

Imagine having a craving for a late night dessert, and the only place open is the neighborhood McDonald's, because these days no one understands the needs of a college student. You drive up there, all excited only to end up being told that their ice-cream machine is broken! Having similar disappointments, we decided to do something about it, and help our fellow McD connoisseurs: warn our peers in advance of a broken ice cream machine.

Is the Ice Cream Machine Working was my submission for HackRU Spring 2019 at Rutgers University. Users can vote yes or no on whether an ice cream machine is broken at a specific McDonald's location. We developed this web app using Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Leaflet, and Mapbox. It was hosted on Google Cloud Platform. I mainly worked on coding the front end and drawing the graphics.

image/svg+xml YES NO

Asian Art and Film Foundation

A non-profit that aims to raise awareness and voice support on issues relating to Asian Americans through the power of film. I designed the logo and website with the co-founder. Built with Wix.

Bitcamp 2018

My first year as a Bitcamp organizer, I mainly worked on a pixel sprite creator, Camper Creator, for use on social media such as Facebook and Slack. I drew a majority of the sprites using Aseprite and styled them using Bitcamp's color scheme. Around a hundred attendees used my web app to set their profile pictures as their own custom avatar. I wrote this using pure JS. Aside from that, I also created a short marketing video/animation for registrations in Adobe After Effects that garnered over four thousand views on Facebook.

Camper Creator can be found here.
Github: sprite-generator

My registration video can be found on Facebook.


As an intern at FINRA, I used JTAF (Java Test Automation Framework) to test extensively different applications. However, there was no user interface for JTAF as it was run solely in an IDE, so I attempted to build one using JavaFX.

Viewing test commands in IDE vs. UI:

JTAF XCore Github: JTAF-XCore

PDF417 Encrypt

PDF417 Encrypt was my submission at VTHacks 2015 at Virginia Tech. This web app would convert images or text into a PDF417 2D barcode and vice-versa. The text could also be encrypted using CryptoJS first.

Hello world! encoded in a barcode:

Octocat encoded:

@@@@@@@@@@               @@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@                     @@@@@@@ @@@@@                         @@@@@ @@@@@                         @@@@@ @@@@         ,;*****;,         @@@@ @@@.       -*$$$$$$$$$*-       .@@@ @@;      .!$$$$$$$$$$$$$!.      ;@@ @@~      =$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$=.     -@@ @@.     $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$     .@@ @@     !$$$~:=$$$$$$$=:~$$$!     @@ @@    -$$$*,,-:~~-~~:-,,*$$$-    @@ @!    *$$$*. .,,...,,. .!$$$*    ;@ @:   ,$$$$*             *$$$$,   ~@ @~   ~$$$$-             -$$$$:   ~@ @~   ;$$$$.             .$$$$!   -@ @~   !$$$*.             .*$$$!   -@ @~   !$$$*               *$$$*   -@ @:   !$$$$               $$$$!   ~@ @:   ;$$$$,             ,$$$$;   ~@ @;   ~$$$$;             ;$$$$:   :@ @*   ,$$$$$;           ;$$$$$,   !@ @@   .!$*~=$=!-     -!=$$$$$!.   @@ @@.   -$$!-=$$=     *$$$$$$$-.  .@@ @@,   .;$$~~**~     :$$$$$$;.   ,@@ @@=   .,*$*---,     :$$$$$*,.   !@@ @@#    .,*$$==~     :$$$$*,.    #@@ @@@:    .,;$$$:     :$$$;,.    ~@@@ @@@@.    .,~!$~     ~$!~,.    .@@@@ @@@@$.    .,,-.     .-,,.    .=@@@@ @@@@@#,     ...     ...     ,#@@@@@ @@@@@@@$,.               .,=@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@!-,.......,-!@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Github: VTHacks2015

Sustainability Simulator 2014

To go with the theme of sustainability at Daemon Dash 2014 (hosted by the University of Maryland), my team created this Flash game in which you sort and deposit refuse in the correct bin. This was our shallow attempt at educating the masses about sustainability and saving the environment. I drew the art.

My Official Website

My first website that I built in middle school using Google Sites. I was a big fan of World of Warcraft and Rome: Total War at the time..